AKASHIC RECORDS SESSION- 1 Hr. $170.00 - 2hr. - $330 Includes Past Lives, Soul's Purpose, Understanding Personal Karmas, Connections with Family Members and Partners, Questions answered concerning all Aspects of Life, Healing, Romance, Finance, Business and Future Possibilities. Messages from Guides and Family. Comes with a recording

MEDICAL INTUITIVE & PHYSICAL HEALING- 1 Hr. - $170, 2 Hr - $330 If you are in need of pain relief or are seeking comfort from a continuing condition. Whether its a temporary affliction or hereditary disease, we connect with Universal healing energy, God and the Healers on the other side to affect powerful, immediate and continual change and healing of your condition. When you've spent 1000's and have had no positive change, This could give you relief. Symptoms can be immediately releived and/or improve dramatically over time. (See testimonials page) Fill out Client Aggreement Form at bottom of page.

HOUSE CLEARING & BLESSING with AKASHIC HEALING - $330.00 (2 Hr.)A thorough remote energetic clearing of your house, living space and property of any negative energies and /or entities plus Akashic Records Reading and Healing energies at work for you during a session, Bringing the best of intuitive messages and healing energy for your Body, Mind, Soul and Home. THIS IS VERY BENEIFICIAL ALSO FOR HOMES OR PROPERTIES YOU WANT TO SELL or TO INCREASE BUSINESS FLOW!

SHAMANIC / AKASHIC SOUL HEALING & SOUL RETREIVAL $330.00 (2 Hr.)- Clearing, Physical & Energetic Balancing and Healing When the energy is stuck or something invisible is holding you back. Maybe you feel a part of you is missing. This process will clear out the old, karmic & negative and bring your Soul home and into alignment with your physical body. Deep integration takes place immediately and over time. Accomplishes Negative Energy & Entity Removal

+++ LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION +++ $180 - 75 Min. - In Session over the phone or in person we will download Key Elements trom your Perfect Self, Soul codes from the Akashic Records and the Sun to enhance and rewrite your DNA. Raise Your Vibration encrementally to help activate your acension process. This can help you with physical healing, mental clarity, and karmic healing and clearing.

*** NEW*** PLATINUM PROCESS - ADVANCED HEALING +++ Platinum Reconstructive Mental Body Optimization Process +++- $300 1 Hr. - When you want the Very Best Healing Clearing Results in All depeartments of Life to change your life trajectory. We employ the Arc Angels, Your Perfect Self, Inner Child, New Healing Guides and a Poweful Mental Body and Brain Frequency Activation Procedure. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial Recalibration. Move Your Life into a Greater Experience Now!

*** NEW*** PLATINUM PROCESS + 1 Hr. Akashic Records Reading AND Platinum Reconstructive Mental Body Optimization Process +++ $470 2 Hr. - We will read your Akashic Records to bring definitive information to you before we start the Platinum Process. This will allow us to work definitivly in different areas of your life where needed. When you want the Very Best Information as we then bring you Healing Clearing Results in All depeartments of Life to change your life trajectory. We employ the Arc Angels, Your Perfect Self, Inner Child, New Healing Guides and a Poweful Mental Body and Brain frequency activation procedure. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial Recalibration.

SPECIAL - (4) 1 Hr. LIFE COACHING SESSIONS - when you buy 4 - $550.00 A daily session to get you inspired and aligned with your goals and your purpose. Learn to let go of the old patterns and learn new ways for manifesting a bright future. Start Recieving Comfort and Inspiriation Now!

1 HR. CLEARING AND ENTITY REMOVAL $199 - For those situations when you feel there's a presence negative or unbeneficial and you need to have cleared away and gone! Often times we can absorb or attract enetities, negative elemental energies or even demons from a place, a sistuation or someone else without knowing it. This can really help you get back to feeling comfortable, resting and moving forward. It's hard to operate when we feel constantly guarded against an unknown presence. I can help you! I recommend 1 or 2 of these sessions within a 2-3 day window. FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

1 Hr. CHAKRA HEALING & BALANCING SESSION $170 - We go through each chakra and attend to life situations connected to each energy center. Most people find out just how many layers they have built up and physchic cordings from others and external situations. Sometimes we even have physical maladies associated with the energy center itself, that can be Greatly affected by Clearing , Healing & Balancing that energy center and helping the energy to flow evenly through All the Centers simultaneously!

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Akashic Records, Healing, and Personal Guidance Phone Sessions

Bill works with you in person when available or by phone to unlock your greatest potential, give life path guidance, for personal healing and manifesting your goals and dreams in life. Looking into your personal Book of Life within the Akashic Records. This enables you to see tendencies from other lifetimes as they are played out in the multi-dimensional reality that makes up who you are. Information from the Records, with the aid of your spirit guides, angels, and teachers on the other side, reveal information that make up who you are and how to move forward. This can bring powerful clarity to your current situation. Find clarity to the reasons for the immediate events and circumstances as well as how to navigate more clearly and receive info for business and personal relations, spiritual attainment, and locations, Past, Present and Future. "If you need help in getting to the next level on your journey,This will be beneficial for you."

Bill can also recommend energy exercises which will be beneficial to your current or immediate situation, for healing, manifesting and unlocking your greatest potential.

Please email your FULL NAME, BIRTHDATE & PLACE and questions to: info@billfoss.net

call 918-770-3810 for C.C. payments or paypal address is bill@billfossworld.com

After Scheduling I will receive information for you and a stream is opened. This helps to give you more info.


Please Download Read, and Print a copy and sign OR electronically fill out and sign form and email back to

info@billfoss.net . if you're having difficulties with it call 918-770-3810 or you can also print fill out and take a picture of it with your camera or camera phone and send it that way. This protects the client the healer and evryone else.





































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