For Physical , Mental , Emotional, or Spiritual Healing.

CD Features:  1. Akashic Healing Angels :

A Powerful guided meditation and journey as we travel into the Akashic Records we meet 2 rainbow angels standing with the Keeper of the Records as they then transport themselves back down to our physical body where they stand around us. Rewiring the nueral net and nueral pathways of the brain and mind field for greater mental clarity in thinking and our daily emotions and thought process. While powerful affirmations are planted into the subconcious mind for healing, joy, balance and manifesting our destiny. A great tool for short circuiting old recurring negative based thinking patterns.

2. Instantaneous Healing Meditation Technique :

As we focus on the the colors of healing pink,white and gold, we activativate the T-cells produced in the Thymus gland and stored in the bone marrow. We then release and direct these cells around and throughout the organs and tissue to produce quick and powerful results. This is one of the best self healing techniques that I’ve learned from one of my greatest teachers. I am happy to pass it along to you in hopes that you will use it to heal and strengthen your body and keep the youthful resiliance glowing throughout your being.

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