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1 Hr. Guided Journey with Merlin to the Akashic Records, Atlantis and Stone Henge

Join us as we access the Akashic Records and visit the ancient past of Stonehenge, the Druids, and enter the mystical realms of middle earth!

Meet the earthkeepers, elementals and animal guides on a journey through ancient tunnel ways and underground caverns where we arrive to meet spirit of Merlin.

As he begins to speak on the rites of passage and the right use of power we are shown a portal connecting to the master crystal system of Atlantis He then beckons us to come with him to meet the druidic circle as we arrive at Stonehenge where more wisdom is given. A magical adventure with wonderful sound effects!

Keep in mind that the system being presented is used first and foremost for the individual’s Soul purpose, Healing and enlightenment. It is well noted that the Akashic Records will present information to you based on your personal level of clarity and the purpose for which you seek guidance. Those of us who are tending towards self realization and enlightenment will have more dynamic results in that there is a quicker self interpretation of the information being presented. This library is available to Everyone. We just have to be willing to do the realaxing exercises to get in. Some of us who have never done any of this will have a direct experience based on that they have no pre-concieved notions about it. And this can be an entry into the exciting journey of what’s available to us. Enjoy, Have fun with it, and know that no matter how dramatic the journey or visions, that it is remote and should be noted by the mind, as to allow for continual access. You are protected should you see life altering or plantery situations, So Relax and Have Fun with it, Learn, Develop your Inner Vision and Grow from it.

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