Akashic Records Workbook

This Workbook is your Passport into the Great Beyond. Learn, Practice and Utilize techniques that open your abilities and understanding of the Akashic Records, your Soul and the Masters. Learn to connect with the Keepers of the Records, Angels and family members that also visit the Akashic Records.You will learn and practice documenting your Akashic journeys and psychic impressions as well as your dreams. Practicing the meditation techniques before entry into the Records will give you subtle to profound reflections that you can document, draw and illustrate. This helps you greatly remember and understand as you create a case study and inquiry into your Soul’s Journey and Purpose. When we are dealing with the subtle, higher and very real dimensional dynamics of the Akashic Records we learn to navigate more clearly by releasing conflict on all levels and paying attention to details. We open our senses and become more aware as our energy fields and senses are expanding into the Akashic Field. We also journey directly through dimensions via our senses and our Soul to visit the Records. We learn ways of opening a pathway to access the Records and then come back with the information This bridges the doorway between our subconscious, conscious and super conscious minds. Have fun with your colorful journeys in the Akashic Records as you continue to expand into Greater Understandings and visions of Past, Present and Future to benefit you at the deepest levels.

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