Ltd. Edition Mother Mary Canvas Print 18″ x 24″

Mother Mary 18″ x 24″ © 2016 Original painted in acrylics on Aluminum with hand crafted sequoya frame, stone inlays and custom candle holder © 2016 Bill Foss all reproduction rights reserved. The Image may also represent Mary Magdalene or Divine Feminine energy Here is my most recent interpretation of the image: Maternal Mother of Jesus Christ, who immaculately conceived the world teacher and savior. Mary is known throughout the world as an Ascended Master. She has appeared to individuals and groups across the globe through the ages. She has the power to heal and to clear with her brilliant flashes of blue light and appearances. The healing water pool at Lourdes, France is one such place, dedicated to Her as she appears continually to people there. The waters of the pool have miraculously healed countless thousands through history. You may call on Mary in your time of need for protection, healing, and blessings through Divine Grace.

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